A Photographic Journey

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Junior Wells

I shot these two pictures backstage at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. I was working for National Geographic's Traveller Magazine, and was able to actually hang a backdrop behind the stage. Junior's management was very cooperative, and these two shots are part of that collaboration back in April of 1989.

Natural light, open shade, in case you're wondering.


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful. You bring so much texture and color to B&W photography.

SueWho said...

there should be a book in the works, like I said in an earlier comment. Seriously.

Harmonica Blu said...

AND you got to hear Junior play in person. When I saw him in NYC, many years ago, he was in his James Brown funk stage and did not play harp all nite. I was disappointed but now I know I saw a great show, even if it was a bit derivative. He could funk!
BTW, very very fine pics. What a great experience to meet Jr. Wells, and have him blow harp while you photograph him. Were you playing harp then? Did you get to jam with him?

doc said...

What priceless shots. And timeless. They'll be around, pleasing people, long after you are gone.